4 Popular Wedding Trends from 2016 That aren't Going Anywhere in 2017!

We all know the endless hours of laugh-till-you-cry kind of entertainment that family photos albums can provide – and you know you’ve entered into true side-splitting-can’t breathe kind of entertainment when you’ve spotted the wedding album.

Dresses with shoulder pads, veils that cover the bride’s face, cake displays that span entire six-foot long tables that look like the “Christmas village” scene your mother insists on displaying every year. Let’s face it – weddings have changed A LOT.

Brides are breaking the rules, and I love the adventurous and daring spirit that is catching on! I would love to take some time in this blog post to reflect on the wedding trends that I fell in love with in 2016 – and that I hope will stick around for 2017.

1.     Flower Crowns

If you know me, you know that I love flowers – so of course I am a HUGE fan of the flower crown trend. I believe they can make each bride feel beautiful. How can you not smile when you’re wearing one of God’s most beautiful creations?

Flower crowns aren’t just for the bride. They look great on bridesmaids, flower girls, or anyone in the wedding party. They’re a great way to “spice up” your hair if you’re interested in a more natural look.  Simply put: it’s hard not to feel radiant in a flower crown.

2.     The simplified Cake

In 2016, when it came to cakes, the rule was easy: the simpler, the better. So much that the “naked cake” made a name for itself, sporting minimal icing that revealed the texture of the cake underneath. Say goodbye to fondant and say hello to floral touches. The naked cake is perfect for the bride with a minimalistic or rustic style.

Longing for something sweet other than cake? Good news – not only are brides opting out of traditional-style wedding cakes, brides are opting in for the dessert that meets their fancy. From tables piled high with donuts, tiers of Italian wedding cookies, or a spread of homemade pies, brides and grooms are passing on the traditional and bringing in their personal tastes.

3.     Women in lighter colors

Being a woman, there are two rules you know by heart when it comes to fashion: do not wear white after Labor Day and do not wear white to a wedding. However, the bride might not be the only one in white anymore… and she’s chosen those closest to her to be the ones breaking the rule. In 2016, we saw bridesmaids in every shade of white, ivory, blush, champagne, and I loved it! 

A wedding party decked out in neutral tones creates a natural, but sophisticated, vibe. If you dare to have your women in white, you can still create a distinction with embellishments like beading, subtle patterns, and metallic, but let’s be real – all eyes will be on you!

4.     The first look

One of the most traditional wedding rules is that the bride and groom refrain from seeing each other all day. The first time they lay eyes on each other will be as the bride is walking down the aisle. If you haven’t guessed it yet – that is changing too.

There’s not much that can take away the look on the groom’s face when he first lays eyes upon his bride. Traditionally, this is done as you walk down the aisle, lined on both sides by your loved ones. However, some couples are opting for a more intimate first encounter. I’ve seen the nontraditional “first look” done a number of ways; with blind folds on and hands held around a corner, or simply a quiet moment together before the ceremony.  Couples are getting creative with the way they nurture this magical moment.

At Raise the Ruth Events we are looking for the bride who stands up for her personal style and tastes, the bride that is not afraid of adding her own flair to old traditions. Brides should feel empowered to ask for the wedding of their dreams!