Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | San Francisco, CA

Last week this time I was hugging it up, meeting online friends in person, and taking in the amazing HoneyBook office at the Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat! When Audrey first asked me to go I was a little hesitant. You see I am not a Tuesdays Together leader which is what the majority of the people who attended this conference were. I am a moderator for the 50k+ Facebook group community, and I was a little nervous that I would be out of place. I am so glad I went.  

A few of my favorite memories from the trip: 

•Traveling & rooming with Audrey. Me and Audrey met in a Facebook group about 2 yeas ago and traveled to the C@H conference together! She is the amazing leader of our local Tuesdays Together and we have supported each other throughout the past 2 years. It wasn't until going on this trip that we were able to really deepen our relationship! I am so glad she stayed on me to go and I can't wait to continue growing closer. 

• Going to the Honeybook office! Seriously can I just move to CA to work there? There isn't anything this office doesn't have! Ice coffee machine, great lighting,sound proof offices, and the coolest swing!

• Getting to hug my friend Natalie Franke. I can barely put into words what this girl means to me. She is amazing, talented, and a leader who isn't afraid to break barriers!  

• Getting to FINALLY meet my dear friend, Michelle in person. Michelle and I met in a Facebook group (are you seeing a pattern lol) in late 2015. This lady is the most selfless, motivating, talented person I have ever met. Michelle has poured into my business, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and given me the confidence to run after my dreams. 

• Lunching, laughing, diving deep, and hugging friends! I have been friends with these ladies for quite some time now. This retreat definitely brought us closer. We weren't afraid to have those conversations, to laugh, to cry, to build each other up! These ladies are what community is all about.

 • The 80s party!! Dressing in ridiculous outfits, dancing the night away, ringing in my birthday while dancing to Whitney Houston!! Does it get any better than that?

I could go on and on about this trip forever. This was the perfect way to start my 2017. I feel refreshed, excited, and ready to go after my dreams while serving others. This retreat taught me that my business is not just about me, that I am more than just a Virginia Wedding Planner, I am a leader, I am a creative, and I am a world shaker! 

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Raise The Ruth Events+San Francisco+Virginia Wedding Planner

Coffee Chats: One-On-One mentoring sessions for creatives

When I started my business I was alone. I never had an internship, I didn’t know anyone in the creative industry, and other than creating a name I had no clue where to start. I immediately opened up social media pages in my business name, called in a favor from my friend for a logo, and hit the ground running fueled with excitement and fear all in one. I reached out to many creatives in my area to introduce myself, try and be friends, and maybe grab a coffee just because I LOVE coffee! I checked my email anxiously every few hours it seemed just waiting on responses to emails I had sent. Some never came, and others were met with not so kind words telling me that if I lasted in this industry they would be surprised. I sat behind my computer screen broken, defeated, just wanting someone outside of my family that could relate to being a business owner, someone who could offer support and encouragement when I was comparing the beginning stages of my business to someone elses middle stage.

The Coffee Chat mentoring sessions were born from my passion to motivate creative entrepreneurs at all different stages throughout their small business journeys. Whether you are contemplating opening a small business, a beginning business owner, or a creative that needs some fresh inspiration, I would love to chat with you and help you figure it out.  In your one-on-one session with me, you will receive suggestions and advice specifically tailored to your business, as well as a personalized action plan to get you started on the right track!!

If you are interested in reserving your coffee chat please click on this www.raisetheruthevents.com/education/. If you are wondering if this is right for you, or you have any questions please email me at raisetheruthevents@gmail.com or comment below!